Davis Cup Controversy

July 14, 2000: Lots of updates today! First there are new articles on the Davis Cup fiasco, including some with statements from Mark. Also lots of new articles and photos added – some going back to July of 99! The articles page was also broken down by year so that it’s a little less cumbersome to view.

July 12, 2000: I wish this could be a more cheerful update, but unfortunately it’s not. Links added to six new articles on the Davis Cup controversy. From the sounds of it, this one action by Mark may have wiped out the past year’s hard work to make peace with the Australian press.

July 10, 2000: In somewhat of another PR disaster, Mark has pulled out of the upcoming Davis Cup competition siting tiredness and a sore knee. This move has caused Rafter to be rather angry at the Scud and to tell him to decide once and for all whether he’s interested in Davis Cup or not so that they can stop asking him. Two new articles cover this latest news.

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