Mark loses in third round but shows good form at Australian Open

January 18, 2003: Article wrap-up from the Australian Open. Mark has officially confirmed his willingness to play in the upcoming Davis Cup match. Also when the new rankings come out Mark will have moved back inside the top 100 thanks to some healthy points from defeating Srichaphan in round two.

January 17, 2003: Mark’s great run at the Australian Open came to a halt last night with a 7-5, 5-7, 0-6, 4-6 loss to Sargisian. Though it’s disappointing for Mark to lose, he is happy with how he played and says that it was just a matter of match-toughness and that he ran out of steam this match after the two long matches in the first two rounds. For only his third tournament back he’s been playing very well. He plans to continue to work on his fitness and get in some much needed match play while he builds for Wimbledon. Also in an ironic coincidence, Yahoo! redesigned it’s tennis page which it went live this morning, and the mast-head photo is of Philippoussis. Quote of the day comes from Fox Sports Australia: “…he has at least found the right groove as far as his hairstyle is concerned. Constant makeovers in recent years have not quite hit the mark but his present retro look – part Elvis, part short-order chef – just could be the do this year.” 22 articles and 9 photos added.

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