Mark excused from second match?

It seems that Mark was let out of the reverse singles match today in order to fly back to San Jose for the start of the Siebel Open. As it always seems to be with Mark and Davis Cup there’s a bit of ‘he said, she said’ in the press. Mark and captain Fitzgerald say that it was always the plan where if that second match was a dead rubber that mark would be excused to catch the plane. Woodbridge however wonders about that as he got almost zero notice that he’d be playing that second match. While it’s a good thing Mark was able to catch the earlier flight for San Jose, given all his troubles with Davis Cup and the Australian press already here’s hoping the fallout isn’t too bad. The draw has been done for the Siebel Open and Mark’s got an ugly situation facing him. He opens against Lisnard which is a good match, but unfortunately he’s likely to face Agassi in the second round.

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