Mark loses final to Federer

July 6, 2003 pm: Media update from today’s final with 27 photos and 53 articles added. Fair warning, Pat Cash wrote a scathing column about Mark in the British papers that was, quite frankly, in very poor taste. Otherwise the articles were all good and the photos are rather nice.

July 6, 2003: Mark put up some good numbers today, but Federer just brought a game that was near unbeatable – hitting near unstoppable shots, but the problem for Mark was that Federer seemed to have no problem handling the power of Mark’s severs, no matter that some were topping 130mph. But though Mark has lost, it was still an incredibly impressive run to reach the final and should be something he can build on for the summer circuit. So congratulations to Mark for making the comeback and going all the way to the final.

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