Mark skips Davis Cup practice

September 16, 2003: Mark returned to practice today and after some initial stiffness was showing some excellent form. Several articles and photos added. Two more events were just confirmed today for Mark’s schedule. He will be at the Swiss Indoors in Basel starting October 20th and will be doing a one day event called Superset Tennis in Portland, Oregon on November 11th.

September 15, 2003: It wouldn’t be Davis Cup without some Philippoussis problems. Rumor surfaced the other day that Mark is combating a neck injury which was why he didn’t practice. Then he didn’t practice for a second day in a row. Fitzy says that Mark is just fine and has just taken some time to visit with his mother and isn’t one for heavy pre-match practice. Hopefully he’s right and all is well. For you folks down in Australia, Davis Cup has a prime time night slot starting at 8pm on Channel 7.

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