Mark practicing for Davis Cup Final

November 25, 2003: Practice continues in Melbourne with Mark finally getting to play on the grass laid in Rod Laver. The grass is currently playing slow but should speed up as it’s cut each day leading up to the start. Also today a new Davis Cup tradition was started; following the traditions of Cricket Australia each player now has a number based on the order they joined a Davis Cup team. Mark plays as #86. Several articles and practice photos added.

November 18, 2003: Mark made a surprise appearance in Australia today, flying back earlier than planned to join the team for practice. He hit for about 90 minutes just to warm up and get loose.

November 17, 2003: Mark heads back to Australia tomorrow to start preparations for Davis Cup. Several articles are out about the team’s preparations. Because Mark is now the top ranked Aussie it’s his turn to ‘lead’ the team. Mark has also been announced for the Rotterdam tournament in February. (thanks to Hilde for that news)