Pat Cash feuds with Philippoussis

February 1, 2004: Even more embarrassing behavior from Cash – he’s now threatening to go the police and get a restraining order against Mark because of the angry phone calls from Mark. And then he went on to call Mark a coward for only confronting him on the phone and said he was un-Australian. What that man won’t do to see his name in press – how embarrassing. For a bit of fun check out the ATP Tennis Show that is currently showing a clip of Philippoussis. (works best in IE).

January 29, 2004: Cash just can’t let it go – he appeared on A Current Affair last night to claim that he was verbally abused by Philippoussis over the phone, that he’s now afraid of encountering Philippoussis and that as a member of the media he doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Please, give us a break. Cash deserved just about anything that Mark might have said to him over the phone, and probably more. Best response comes from, of all places, Jools Long of the MegaStar UK tabloid with: “As Sam from EastEnders might say if facing up to Pat in the Albert Square market, get a grip, get a life and get out of The Scud’s face.”

January 28, 2004: Mostly press commentary on the Cash comments with Mark being furious with Cash and Delta saying she’s hurt by the comments. Kudos go to Patrick Smith of The Australian who summed it up correctly: “In reality Goodrem would be the reason for a Philippoussis loss only if she paired up with him in mixed doubles.” Fitzy also confirmed that Mark is indeed playing Davis Cup.

January 27, 2004: Once again it seems that former Australian top-player Pat Cash feels the need to run off at the mouth on Mark’s behavior. It’s a similar rant to the one he gave during Wimbledon – that Mark’s off-court activities cost him his chance at the title. What’s pathetic is that Cash can’t seem to find attention any other way. He fails to understand that it’s Mark’s life to live however he chooses and that maybe Delta isn’t to blame for Mark’s poor showing against Arazi.