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Mark is currently in Florida training for the Rome Masters that starts on May 3rd. As a result of Mark’s lack of recent play it’s been a very quiet news cycle, but I’ve updated the 2003 photos with 145 more pictures. Also please note, this site is moving to it’s own domain – mparchives.com. So please take a moment and update your bookmarks or links!

Mark and Delta a the Logies

Mark and Delta made their first formal public appearance together last night at the Logies. Due to overwhelming media requests, it took them nearly an hour to walk the red carpet. It was nice to see Mark in more formal attire, namely a black Hugo Boss suite, open-necked black shirt and silver cross necklace. Both Mark and Delta earned points with the crowd, often stepping to the ropes to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

Mark taking a break from tennis

April 15, 2004: It seems that Mark is not listed as participating in the BMW Open on the 26th. (thanks to Ilana for finding the player list!) And according to the press, Mark is set to now resume at the Tennis Masters Rome on May 5th. The next Davis Cup match has been announced and Australia will be playing at home against Morocco on starting on September 24th. Also I’ve restructured the Photos section so that it should be easier to navigate.

April 13, 2004: With Mark not playing any tennis right now it’s been a slow news cycle. And unfortunately just when he’ll return to the game is uncertain. He formally pulled out of the Monte Carlo Open yesterday so his next possible return is at the BMW Open on the 26th (though their website does not indicate players expected to be there). While Mark and Delta were spotted on the beach trying to attend the Rip Curl Pro that was cancelled due to lack of surf, former coach Peter McNamara was being quoted in the press about the state of Mark’s tennis. Most interesting quote with regard to Cash’s embarrassing remarks: “Emotionally, it’s affected him and obviously now his tennis has been affected because he just doesn’t seem to have his heart and soul into it at the moment. He’s taking (the comments) a little bit harder than what people have thought. So the people who were out to get him, I think they’ve got him. They’ve done a good job on him.” Also to keep you thinking about Mark’s tennis, links to 310 more photos were added to the 2003 Photo Archives!

Mark back in Australia

Mark and Delta are scheduled to make their first public appearance as a couple at the Logie Awards in Sydney on April 18th. Australia’s latest “It” couple are expected to be in such demand that organizers have extended the red carpet proceedings by 15 minutes to accommodate the expected media frenzy. Mark flew into Australia last night and isn’t expected to return to the tour til Monte Carlo that starts on the 19th (a tight schedule with the Logies on the 18th!).