Mark drops in the rankings

July 7, 2004: A correction to Mark’s schedule. He is entered to play the Mercedes Benz Cup in Los Angeles starting on July 12th. (thanks to Ilana for the info).

July 5, 2004: The post-Wimbledon rankings are out, and while Mark advanced farther than many thought he would given his recent results, his failure to defend many of the points he got from making the finals last year resulted in a drop of 27 places to 44 in the entry rankings. He’s also currently ranked 60 in the Champions Race for this year.

July 2, 2004: There’s a new gallery open with a set of photos from Wimbledon by Marsha van Pel! Also it seems that Mark will be taking another break from tennis and won’t play again until the Tennis Masters event in Toronto at the end of July. Although there’s been no announcement of it, the three week time period of rest has been the time he’s taken when getting a new knee injection, so this is a possible reason for the break.

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