Mark makes new committment to fitness

There’s some hope for Mark’s game next season. The Herald Sun has reported that Mark is making a permanent move to Cardiff-By-The-Sea and will resume working with fitness trainer Markus Heon. Heon is the man who got Mark into top shape in 2003 when he made his run to the Wimbledon finals (most notably by having him push Heon’s Jeep up a hill). Here’s hoping he can work his magic a second time. The Stockholm Open starts this week and while there has been no official announcement of withdrawal, Mark is not listed in the draw so it looks like he won’t be playing and his 2004 season is over. But looking ahead, Mark has been confirmed for the SAP Open (formerly the Siebel Open) in San Jose from February 7-13th. Lastly the Australian press is reporting that socialite Paris Hilton made a public statement that she is now dating Mark. Neither Mark nor Delta have made any formal announcements as to their possible split.