An ankle injury takes Mark out of the Nasdaq

March 26, 2005: Poor Mark just can’t seem to get any kind of good luck this season. In his match on Thursday against Rochus, Mark took a nasty fall after rolling his ankle – but he was able to get help from the trainer and finish the match. Unfortunately when the ankle didn’t seem to be getting better Mark had an MRI done and the diagnosis – torn ligament in his left ankle. He’s currently on crutches but he expects to be back on the court in three weeks. What that means for his next tournament is anyone’s guess as he’s forced to get by on wild cards for entry or step back and try his luck on the Challenger circuit. Here’s wishing Mark a speedy recovery!

March 25, 2005: Mark got some revenge on C. Rochus today, beating him in the first round at the Nasdaq 100 in Miami and avenging his loss to him last week at the Challenger event last week. Round two brings him 15th seed Gonzalez. Mark has also taken on a new coach. Andrew Florent, a Melbourne tennis club coach, has been given a two month trial period as an “assistant”. Florent has worked with Tennis Australia’s junior players and is a prior doubles specialist on the ATP tour, only retiring two years ago.

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