A back injury this time at Surbiton

May 31, 2005: Poor Mark just cannot seem to get a piece of luck to go his way. About an hour prior to his match today he withdrew with a lower back injury. According to the doctor at Surbiton it’s a “lower intercostal neuralgic occurrence.” No word yet on exactly how serious this might be, so hopefully a week of rest will put him back in form to start at Stella Artois next week. It might however impact the All England club’s decision on whether to grant Mark a wildcard to Wimbledon. Their decision’s are announced the day play starts at Stella Artois next week, so there’s not even a chance that they can look to see how Mark performs there before making a decision. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that they look more to Mark’s past performances at Wimbledon than his current play (or lack there-of).

May 29, 2005: Good news for Mark’s grass court preparations as he got an open spot in the Surbiton Challenger that starts tomorrow. First up is Alex Bogdanovic from Britain. (thanks to Francesca for the news). Best of luck to Mark!