The fitness problem

August 4, 2005: It seems that the cause of Mark’s loss in Washington was the same problem he’s always had – fitness. This time around the interviews went to McEnroe who called Mark one of the best potential players in the sport, but lacking the willpower to bring that talent up. It seems that even in this dismal season Mark cannot summon the desire to practice for more than 45 minutes a day. Unfortunately this type of work ethic (or lack thereof) is not going to help Mark move upward in the rankings. As of today Mark has not received a wildcard for the Masters event in Montreal, so let’s cross our fingers he’ll try to qualify and suceed!

August 2, 2005: Mark didn’t help his bid for a US Open wildcard today, losting 5-7, 4-6 to Horna at the Legg Mason Classic. So far there have been no reports as to exactly what went wrong (or continues to go wrong) with Mark’s play.

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