SAP Open – round two and out

February 16, 2006 pm: I know I should know better than to get my hopes up with each tournament, but I really thought the win over Robredo might be the start of something good. Sadly it was not to be as Mark lost to Soderline 2-6, 3-6 today. What’s troubling is that in all of today’s press Mark has been relagated to the final lines listing results with not a word of how the match was actually played – that doesn’t happen when the match was a good one.

February 16, 2006: Mark got a vey nice little win last night, beating Robredo 3-6, 7-5, 7-5 in the first round of the SAP Open. This is Mark’s first win over a top-twenty player (Robredo is ranked 14th) sine May of 2004! Reports say that Mark look fit and held it together mentally despite some up and down play. Next up is Soderling in Round 2. Mark has also added the Bermuda Open challenger to his schedule. Play begins Aprul 15th.

February 13, 2006: The SAP Open started today and it looks like Mark will first take the court on Wednesday. He’ll be up against the number 4 seed, Tommy Robredo. It’s anyone’s guess what the match will be like as Mark has been avoiding the press like the plague. Unfortunately this month our message board was also hacked and all the data totally lost. With Mark playing so poorly lately the chatter has been almost non-existant so I’m not bringing a new board up. Once Mark gets on a role again (he will! he will!) if there’s an interest I’ll open a new one.

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