Mark talks Challengers

While Wimbledon may not have been as good as he’d hoped, Mark is pleased that he showed some good form and feels fully healthy right now. In his post-match press conference he spoke about the need to get out onto the Challenger circuit: “I’ve got to sit down with my agent and see what is out there, but I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of Challengers in America. This is no time to be fussy – this is just a time to get out there and no matter what tournament it is, just go out there and play it.” A good sign that Mark is finally willing to put in the grunt work needed to improve his ranking (especially as it’s likely that the Wimbledon wildcard may be the last one he sees if he doesn’t start advancing farther into tournaments). Also Mark appears to have a new agent, Carlos Fleming, though I assume he’s still with IMG. Also a bunch of Wimbledon photos added.

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