Oh gods – it’s the other knee this time

How much things can change in a new year. Just days ago at the very end of 2006 Mark and his fans were looking for an improved year after such an impressive start at the Hopman Cup. But 2007 saw the return of the Philippoussis injury curse. Just after the start of his match against Haenhell Mark hyper-extended his right knee. He received treatment but after just one more point (where he didn’t even attempt to return Haenhell’s serve) he retired. He will have an MRI on Wednesday to determine the extent of the injury, but it is likely Mark may have to miss the Australian Open. The difference in the injury this time (not sure if it’s a positive or a negative) is that it was his right “good” knee that was injured and not the left one that has undergone all the suergeries. Post-match Hopman Cup director McNamee said “It is not good, he is hurting pretty bad and he is struggling… he is shattered and he is pretty pessimistic about how he is feeling.” We wish Mark all the best for a speedy recovery!