Over the years hundreds of articles have been written about Mark’s career. Here’s a list of all the ones still online. Bigger years are broken up into subsections.


12/6/12: Fabrice Santoro – still got it
11/13/11: Santiago: Moya wins classic battle with Philippoussis – Tennis News
11/12/11: Moya, Philippoussis Ready For No.1 Showdown – Tennis News
7/22/11: “WTT Update: Mark Philippoussis Leads Aces into Playoffs” – 10sballs
7/21/11: “Scud admits his ATP tennis days are done” – Tennis Talk
7/21/11: “Scud to the ATP, I’ll be surfing USA” -The Australian [AU]
6/9/11: “Mark Philippoussis and Richard Krajicek are big news at glittering tennis event” – Men Media [UK}
3/13/11: Mark Philippoussis overpowers field to claim Champions Tour title – The Palm Beach Sports Post [US]
2/22/11: More Champions Tour joy for Philippoussis – Nine MSN [AU]


Champions Series Events
12/07/09: “Scud should stick to seniors: Woodbridge” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/03/09: “Philippoussis eyes another tour return” – Brisbane Times [AU]
12/03/09: “Scud Wants One Last Crack” – Daily Telegraph [UK]
12/02/09: “Philippoussis on Federer, Nadal and Murray” (Video interview) – BBC [UK]
10/01/09: “Scud to make Veterans Tour Debut” – Brisbane Times [AU]
08/21/09: “Philippoussis Beats Pernfors In .Comfortable. Newport” – Tennis Grandstand [US]
08/21/09: “Philippoussis defeats Pernfors in “Comfortable” Newport” – Tennis News [US]
05/13/09: “Dreamer Philippoussis won’t give up on tennis” – Tennis Talk
04/23/09: ‘Philippoussis beats wind, Ferreira” – Tennis News
03/17/09: “Mark Philippoussis back in Oz to ‘give something back'” – Daily Telegraph [AU]

Back on court again
01/27/09: “Melbourne’s Scud does his training in the disco” – Tennis Talk
01/26/09: “Scud’s ‘date’ with Buddha” – The Age [AU]
01/15/09: “Philippoussis apologises for sorry showing” – Smash Hits [AU]
01/15/09: ‘Philippoussis loses in tentative start” – West Australian [AU]
01/15/09: “Sorry Scud fizzles on return” – Stuff [AU]


A return to tennis?
12/24/08: “Haunting knee-injury fear could hamper Philippoussis comeback plans” – The Earth Times [US]
12/24/08: ‘Scud can’t hide fear factor in planned comeback” – Tennis Talk
12/23/08: “I can come back, says the Scud” – WA Today [AU]
12/23/08: “Determined Mark Philippoussis plots Davis Cup comeback” – Herald Sun [AU]
12/23/08: “Scud dreaming of a comeback” – Daily Telegraph [AU]
12/23/08: “Retiring easy option, says fighter Mark Philippoussis” – The Australian [AU]
12/22/08: “Ageing Poo dusts off the racquets” – Brisbane Times [AU]
12/22/08: “Mark Philippoussis eyes return to main circuit” – Perth Now [AU]
12/22/08: “Philippoussis plays Legends event, eyes return to tour” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/22/08: “Philippoussis eyes a return to the tour” – The West [AU]
12/22/08: ‘Philippoussis to play exhibitions at Melbourne Park” – ABC News [AU]

Comeback Trail
10/03/08: “Scud happy to link up with Cash” – Adelaide Now [AU]
10/02/08: “Philippoussis to team with Cash” – Fox Sports [AU]
09/25/08: “Injury Aborts Philippoussis Comeback” WA Today [AU]
09/24/08: “Philippoussis aborts comeback” – Fox Sports [AU]
09/24/08: “Philippoussis knee injury recovery prevents a return to senior tennis” – Tennis Talk [US]
09/24/08: “Senior Scud on the comeback trail” – Fox Sports [AU]
07/06/08: “Scud set for another comeback” – FOX Sports [AU]
07/03/08: “Mark Philippoussis cheats death in wild surf” – Nine MSN [AU]

02/25/08: “Flip lobs into GP Celebrity Challenge” – Formula One [AU]
02/23/08: “Philippoussis hints at retirement” – Malasian Sun [MY]
01/16/08: “Resting Scud happy to wait for ‘hunger'” – The Age [AU]
01/15/08: “Scud hints at retirement” – The Age [AU]
01/11/08: “Poo on Wii” – ITWire [AU]
01/10/08: “Philippoussis pops up everywhere but on the court” – Earth Times [AU]
01/05/08: “Philippoussis won’t retire even if he’s in a wheelchair” – Daily Telegraph [AU]


Year End
12/20/07: “Philippoussis doubtful of comeback from knee surgery” – The West Australian [AU]
12/20/07: “I might be finished: Scud” – Brisbane Times [AU]
12/19/07: “Philippoussis ponders retirement” – BBC [UK]
12/19/07: “Knee injury beats Scud” – Daily Telegraph [AU]
12/18/07: “Torn again: new knee injury puts Scud at crossroads” – Brisbane Times [AU]
12/18/07: “Philippoussis goes on bended knee for Open” – Brisbane Times [AU]
12/18/07: “Scud’s reminder of his fagility” – The Daily Telegraph
12/18/07: “Scud’s withdrawl speaks volumes” – Herald Sun [AU]
12/18/07: “Open hopes still alive but knee injury could end bid” – Herald Sun [AU]
12/17/07: “Injured Scud moves closer to Open berth” – ABC News [AU]
12/17/07: “Flip still in wildcard race” – Sportal [AU]
12/17/07: “Injuries now helping Scud” – Fox Sports [AU]
12/17/07: “Scud still in the hunt” – Daily Telegraph [AU]
12/17/07: “Injuries keep Philippoussis in wildcard hunt” – Herald Sun [AU]
12/17/07: ‘ALl is not yet lost for Philippoussis” – The Australian [AU]
12/17/07: “Scud misfires in qualifying defeat” – The Age [AU]
12/16/07: “Scud crashes out of Open” – The COurier Mail [AU]
12/16/07: “Mark Philippoussis loses wildcard – to world No 341” – The Courier Mail [AU]
12/16/07: “Scud’s Open dream takes another direct hit” – Brisbane Times [AU]
12/16/07: “Philippoussis makes his mark” – The Australian [AU]
12/16/07: “Philippoussis serves notice in fiery return” – Herald Sun [AU]
12/16/07: “Scud wins one for the aged” – Daily Telegraph [AU]
12/04/07: “Hewitt’s plea for mate Scud” – Fox Sports [AU]
11/30/07: “Scud and Dokic to play juniors” – Fox Sports [AU]
11/30/07: “Scud enters Australian Open play-off” – The West Australian [AU]
11/30/07: “Mark Philippoussis agrees to play juniors” – The Herald Sun [AU]
11/30/07: “Scud enters playoffs” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
11/28/07: “Mark Philippoussis prepares for qualifying” – The Courier Mail [AU]
11/22/07: “Scud seeks Adelaide return” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
11/22/07: “Rafter blasts the Scud” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
11/21/07: “Open’s new surface proves tru blue” – The Australian [AU]
11/20/07: “Mac attack: Scud was a lazy whinger” – Nine MSN [AU]
11/18/07: “Philippoussis back home” – Herald Sun [AU]
11/15/07: “Philippoussis will be given no easy ride to Open” – The Australian [AU]
11/13/07: “No handout for Philippoussis at Australian Open”> – Herald Sun [AU]
11/07/07: “Scud nails down ranking” – Fox Sports [AU]
10/26/07: “Scud ignores protection – Herald Sun [AU]

Outback Champions Series in Dallas
10/23/07: “Scud unable to stop Mac” – Fox Sports [AU]
10/23/07: “Supergramps humbles Scud” – Brisbane Times [AU]
10/19/07: “Philippousis back with a win – in seniors event” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/19/07: “Scud’s Winning Return” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
10/17/07: “Martin not keen on Poo return” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
10/17/07: “Scud’s oldies debut a worry for Martin” – The Age [AU]

Return to Tennis
10/08/07: “Philippoussis To Kick Off Play At Stanford Championships In Dallas” – Tennis News [US]
10/03/07: “No Homeland Handout for ‘Age of Love’s’ Mark Philippoussis in Next Year’s Australian Open” – Buddy TV [AU]
09/28/07: “Mark Philippoussis told of wildcard stance” – Herald Sun [AU]
09/09/07: “I’m not finished yet, insists the Scud” – Sky News [UK]
09/09/07: “Scud comeback a show of reality” – Fox Sports [AU]
09/09/07: “Scud plans return to court” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
09/09/07: “Philippoussis on the long road back” – The Age [AU]
09/08/07: “Scud desperate to make up for lost time” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/07/07: “Seniors moment for Scud the stud” – Brisbane Times [AU]
09/05/07:A “Scud back in over 30s tournament” – Brisbane Times [AU]
09/05/07: “Scud returns to the court” – Herald Sun [AU]
09/05/07: “Scud returns to face Brat” – Fox Sports [AU]
09/05/07: “Philippoussis to return to tennis next month” – Tennis News [AU]
09/04/07: “Mark Philippoussis Returns to Tennis as the Stanford Championships – Champions Series
07/28/07: “Agassi lends helping hand in Scud revival” – The Age [AU]
07/28/07: “Scud aims to return at US Open” – Sydney Morning Heraldc [AU]
07/27/07: “Scud tipped for long awaited comeback” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/19/07: “Game’s up for Scud” – Herald Sun [AU]
07/17/07: “Scud in 13 year trough” – Adelaide Now [AU]
07/11/07: “Does Flip want to play Tennis?” – The Age [AU]
07/11/07: Reality check on cards for wayward Scud” – Brisbane Times [AU]

Age of Love
05/11/07: “Mark Philippoussis and his high profile girls” – The West [AU]
05/11/07: “Scud’s love match” – The Herald Sun [AU]
05/11/07: “Scud’s new approach” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/11/07: “Scud seeks love match on TV reality show” – Nine MSN [AU]
05/11/07: “Philippoussis TV Love Hunt” – Perth Now [AU]

05/26/07: “Scud abandon’s grasscourt season” – Herald Sun [AU]
05/25/07: “Scus out of Wimbledon” – Brisbane Times [AU]
5/25/07: “Scud runs out of invitations” – The Age [AU]
05/17/07: “Grim reality for Scud” – The Herald Sun [AU]
05/08/07: “Scud to skip clay season” – FOX Sports [US]
04/19/07: “Scud gets invite” – The Advertiser [AU]
04/19/07: “Retirees help Scud find form” – The Herald Sun [AU]
04/18/07: “Philippoussis decides to have a senior moment” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
04/17/07: “Philippoussis set for return” – The Age [AU]
04/17/07: “Sampras, Philippoussis to play in Athens” – The Age [AU]
04/10/07: “Scud tries hand at poker” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
03/22/07: “Philippoussis turns to Jones for management role” – The Age [AU]
03/22/07: “Jones to take on a new court” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

Australian Summer Season
01/17/07: “Scud ready to fire in 6-8 weeks, says physio” – The Age [AU]
01/17/07: “Scud on taget and looking at Wurope in spring time” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/05/07: “Scud will make full recovery: surgeon” – Townsville Bulletin [AU]
01/05/07: “Scud to be back on court in weeks after surgery” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/05/07: “Philippoussis’ knee surgery a success” – The Age [AU]
01/04/07: “Philippoussis gets surgery boost” – BBC [UK]
01/04/07: “Scud’s career may be over” – Herald Sun [AU]
01/04/07: “Fate serves Scud cruelest ace” – The Daily Telegraph [AU]
01/04/07: “Promised so much, delivered so little” – The Australian [AU]
01/04/07: “Knee surgeon to tell Scud if it’s all over” – The Australian [AU]
01/04/07: “Philippoussis mojo lost in transit” – The Age [AU]
01/04/07: “Philippoussis puts on a brave face but shattered knees may have the final say” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/03/07: “Scud’s knew buckles” – Herald Sun [AU]
01/03/07: “Philippoussis injury curse strikes again” – The Age [AU]
01/03/07: “Injury a savage blow to Scud’s hopes” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/03/07: “Injury puts Poo career in doubt” – Perth Now [AU]


Australian Summer Season
12/31/06: “Scud, Molik upset Russia” – The Age [AU]
12/30/06: “Scud’s Hopman form may get Open wildcard” – The Age [AU]
12/30/06: “Philippoussis closes to Australian Open wildcard” – People’s Daily Online [CN]

12/09/06: “Scud to fly in Auckland” – New Zealand Herald [NZ]
12/08/06: “Scud urged not to gamble on wildcard” – Eurosport [FR]
12/07/06: “Scud buoyed by working with Agassi fitness man Reyes” – The Age [AU]
12/01/06: “Philippoussis yet to decide on route into Open” – The Age [AU]
11/21/06: “Henman handed Philippoussis clash” – BBC News [UK]

Fall Challengers
10/26/06: “Philippoussis brings the thunder from down under” – The Acorn [US]
10/24/06: “Victorious Scud opts for desert training with Cahill” – The Age [AU]
10/23/06: “Scud takes challenging way home” – The West Australian [AU]
10/23/06: “My best still ahead” Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/22/06: “Philippoussis to switch coaches for a turnaround” – The Peninsula [QA]
10/13/06: “Agassi touch fails to rub off on Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/23/06: “Scud can sees stars rising” – The Age [AU]

U.S. Open
09/01/06: “Scud loses, denies rift with dad” – The Age [AU]
09/01/06: “Scud upbeat over Davis Cup hopes” – The Age [AU]
08/31/06: “I didn’t sack my dad, says Philippoussis” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/31/06: “Hewitt, Pratt move on as Scud bows out” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/23/06: “Report: Philippoussis fires Father” – TSN [CA]
08/17/06: “US Open wildcard for Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]

U.S. Summer Circuit
08/16/06: “Injury denies Scud a possible US Open wildcard – The Age [AU]

07/19/06: “Scud’s ATP winning streak ended” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/18/06: “Lee beats Philippoussis in Indianapolis” – TSN [CA]

Hall of Fame Championships
07/18/06: “Philippoussis shows he’s still a force on the courts” – The Star [ZA]
07/18/06: “Philippoussis takes wild ride to rare title” – The Age [AU]
07/18/06: “Scud breakd long drought” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
0716/06: “Resurgent Scud storms into semis” – The AGe [AU]
07/15/06: “Scud advances to semi-final appearance” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/12/06: “Scud blasts 14 aces in upset win” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

U.S. Summer Circuit
07/04/06: “Alexander backs Scud for Davis Cup” – The Age [AU]
07/04/06: “Bring back Scud for Argentina” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

06/30/106: “Scud takes a direct hit” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/29/06: “Scud bows out in second round” – The Age [AU]
06/27/06: “Scud justifies wildcard with a win” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/17/06: “Philippoussis secures Wimbledon wildcard” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

Summer Grasscourt
06/16/06: “Hewitt into quarters, Scud put” – The Age [AU]
06/16/06: “Scud crashes out in third round” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/15/06: “Philippoussis into third round at Queens” – The Age [AU]
06/14/06: “Scud wins opening match at Queens” – The Age [AU]
06/12/06: “Scud hoping for Wimbledon wildcard” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/12/06: “Scud’s big day back on grass in London” – The Age [AU]
06/08/06: “Scud urged to seek matches not wildcards” – The Age [AU]
06/01/06: “Scud earns Queen’s wildcard” – The Age [AU]

05/11/06: “Scud to skip French Open” – The Age [AU]
04/21/06: “Philippoussis may fashion post-tennis career” – New Kerala [ID]
02/17/06: “Scud back to winning ways – now for another challenge” – The Age [AU]
01/31/06: “No Philippoussis in raw Davis Cup team” – The Age [AU]

Australian Summer Circuit
01/19/06: “Wait of expectations proves burden for Scud” – The Age [AU]
01/19/06: “Scud’s racquet rage shows light may be dying” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/18/06: “Philippoussis nearing moment of truth” – The Age [AU]
01/17/06: “Scud falls at first hurdle” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/08/06: “Open spot for Scud, but he’ll miss lead-up” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/08/06: “Injury scare for Scud” – The Age [AU]
01/06/06: “Philippoussis rues the one that got away” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/04/06: “Scud and Hewitt happy to blow away the cobwebs” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/03/06: “Philippoussis wins” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/03/06: “Philippoussis enlists the aid of Malisse to help him out of his malaise” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/03/06: “Philippoussis starts back on long path to top” – The Age [AU]


Australian Summer Season
12/09/05: “Fitzgerald to help resurrect Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/03/05: “Kiwis just wild about Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]
10/16/05: “Philippoussis out of St. Petersburg Open” – The Age [AU]
10/16/05: “Scud’s fall continues with first round exit” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/21/05: “Philippoussis gets a break for summer with Adelaide wildcard” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/15/05: “Scud offered wilcards” – The Age [AU]
10/13/05: “Philippoussis hunts for a wild summer” – The Age [AU]
10/13/05: “Scud chases wildcard warm-ups” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

10/06/05: “Philippoussis eases into quarter-finals” – The Age [AU]
09/29/05: “Philippoussis beated in Thailand Open” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/26/05: “Scud falls in return from injury” – The Age [AU]
06/28/05: “Scud, Arthurs must prove fitness” – The Age [AU]

06/25/05: “Philippoussis, Canas unlikely for Cup tie” – The Age [AU]
06/24/05: “Philippoussis has positive spin” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/24/05: “Scud positive his best is still ahead” – The Age [AU]
06/23/05: “Philippoussis, net fall before Safin” – St. Petersburg Times [US]
06/23/05: “Safin serves Philippoussis walking papers” – Desert News [US]
06/21/05: “Hewitt, Philippoussis win at Wimbledon” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/21/05: “Lleyton, Scud leap first hurdle” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/20/05: “Scud able to keep powder dry for real thing” – Sydney Morning Herals [AU]
06/20/05: “Scud semi-ready” – The Age [AU]

Ordina Open
06/19/05: “Scud’s run comes to an end” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/19/05: “Scud emerges from depths ready to fire” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/18/05: “Lorda stops Philippoussis charge” – BBC News [UK]
06/18/05: “Arthurs, Scud fight for Cup place” – Seven [AU]
06/18/05: “Philippoussis reaches semifinals” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/18/05: “Philippoussis marches into semis” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/17/05: “Ancic, Philippoussis Reach Quarters At Ordina Open” – NBC News [US]
06/15/05: “Scud wins another singles match” – The Age [AU]
06/15/05: “Philippoussis digs deep in Ordina Open” – The Age [AU]

Stella Artois / Queen’s Club
06/09/05: “Scud still dangerous, says Roddick” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/09/05: “Scud out, Guccione through” – The Age [AU]
06/08/05: “First-up win for Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]
06/08/05: “Scud finds form with grass under his feet” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

06/07/05: “Scud wins in impressive style at Queens” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

06/01/05: “Scud out of pre-Wimbledon warm-up” – The Age [AU]
06/01/05: “Philippoussis suffers more disruption to his comeback” – The Times [UK]
03/31/05: “Philippoussis teams up with no-name coach” – Seven News [AU]
03/31/05: “Scud turns to an honest toiler for inspiration” – The Age [AU]
03/31/05: “Scud brings in another coach to reverse fortunes” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/26/05: “Philippoussis withdraws before his match” – ESPN [US]
03/26/05: “Scud lifts game for Miami win” – The Age [AU]
03/25/05: “Philippoussis wins in Miami” – Seven News [AU]
03/25/05: “Philippoussis wins in Miami” – The Age [AU]
03/03/05: “Philippoussis engaged to teen girlfriend” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/03/05: “The dirst on Alexis Barbara” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/03/05: “Philippoussis ‘engaged'” – The Age [AU]

02/24/05: “Ancic stops Philippoussis in Scottsdale” – Tennis-X [US]
02/24/05: “ANcic dispatches rusty Philippoussis in Scottsdale” – CBS Sportsline [US]
02/24/05: “Philippoussis comes up a winner” – The Age [AU]
02/23/05: “Philippoussis ends eight-month win draught” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/23/05: “Scud wins – at last” – The Age [AU]
02/23/05: “Philippoussis wipes Behrend” – The Sunday Mail [AU]

02/23/05: “Draper plucked away from fairway as Scud left to rebuild career” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/10/05: “Injured Scud withdraws from International” – The Age [AU]
01/10/05: “Injury sidelines Philippoussis” – BBC [UK]
01/09/05: “Scud out of Sydney” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

Hopman Cup
01/07/05: “Philippoussis hopeful for Australian Open, rips Aussie media” – Tennis X [AU]
01/07/05: “Injured Scud in Open doubt” – The Age [AU]
01/07/05: “Scud slams media: so what, who cares?” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/06/05: “Scud fires back” – The Age [AU]
01/06/05: “Scud happy to never win again” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/06/05: “Dodgy groin threatens Scud’s season” – The Age [AU]
01/06/05: “Scud out of Hopman Cup” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/06/05: “Dutch win tie as Scud crashes” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/04/05: “Frustration as rusty Scud fails to fire” – The Age [AU]
01/04/05: “Molik brings Scud across the line” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/03/05: “Philippoussis loses as Aussies win” – CNN [US]
01/03/05: “Australia wins Hopman Cup opener” – The Age [AU]
01/03/05: “Tough opener for Scud, Molik at Hopman Cup” – The Age [AU]
01/02/05: “Philippoussis hoping to enjoy tennis again” – Rediff [IA]


New Season Preparation
12/29/04: “Scud stays under radar” – The Age [AU]
12/29/04: “Philippoussis is saving himself for the court” – Sydney Morning Herald” [AU]
12/29/04: “Scud lands for latest relauch” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/15/04: “Scud’s wildcard a key to revival” – The Age [AU]
12/08/04: “Teammates back Scud to put turbulent times behind him” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/08/04: “Scud backed to rebound at Open” – The Age [AU]
12/07/04: “Scud plots a return to form” – The Age [AU]
11/23/04: “Scud prepares in Big Apple” – The Age [AU]

11/12/04: “‘Pull your finger out, Poo'” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/07/04: “Hopman hope for Scud” – The Age [AU]
10/22/04: “Scud on the move to lift tennis” – Herald Sun [AU]
10/15/04: “Philippoussis to start road back in Perth” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/14/04: “Game can’t afford to lose Scud: McNamee” – The Age [AU]
10/14/04: “Philippoussis to team with Molik for cup” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/04/04: “Philippoussis’ poor form continues” – CNN International [US]
10/04/04: “Philippoussis suffers loss – BBC Sport [UK]

Heineken Open
09/30/04: “Scud crashes: it was ‘terrible'” – The Age [AU]
09/29/04: “Philippoussis not a Weiner at ATP Shanghai” – Tennis X [US]
09/29/04: “Philippoussis slumps to another early loss at ATP Shanghai” – Tennis X [AU]
09/29/04: “Weiner sinks Philippoussis” – Sporting Life [UK]
09/29/04: “Philippoussis’ form suffers blow” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/29/04: “Philippoussis upset in Shanghai Heineken Open first round” – People’s Daily [CN]
09/29/04: “Scud crashes out of Shanghai Open” – The Age [AU]
09/28/04: “Philippoussis upset at Heineken Open” – TSN [CA]
09/28/04: “Philippoussis is humbled by Weiner” – CNN [US]

Davis Cup
09/15/04: “Reid gets Scud’s cup slot” – The Age [AU]
09/14/04: “Philippoussis misses Davis Cup” – CNN [US]
09/14/04: “Philippoussis out of Cup” – BBC [UK]
09/14/04: “Philippoussis withdraws from Davis Cup” – TSN [CA]

US Open
09/03/04: “Philippoussis to take stock over ‘worst year'” – The Age [AU]
08/28/04: “Struggling Philippoussis is fighting for his cup life” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

07/09/04: “Celebrity service in the fashion label game” – The Age [AU]
07/04/04: “Scud back on track: coach” – The Age [AU]
07/04/04: “Scud needs consistency” – The Age [AU]

06/30/04: “Philippoussis fined US $1,500” – The Age [AU]
06/30/04: “Scud exits stage, bereft” – The Age [AU]
06/30/04: “Proud Scud not sorry about the outburst, just the hour – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/29/04: “Philippoussis erupts at Wimbledon” – The Age [AU]
06/29/04: “Henman ends Scud’s run” – Herald Sun [AU]
06/28/04: “Scud marches on” – The Age [AU]
06/27/04: “Philippoussis on track” – BBC [UK]
04/26/04: “Revived Scud advances to third round” – The Age [AU]
04/26/04: “Philippoussis shakes the monkeys off his back” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/25/04: “Scud’s a top contender: Fitzy” – The Age [AU]
06/25/04: “Scud rusty but ready to shine, says Fitzgerald” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/24/04: “Scud out to impress Fitz” – The Age [AU]
06/23/04: “Philippoussis marches through to second round” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/23/04: “Philippoussis finds his form” – The Age [AU]
06/23/04: “Scud lands his first win since January” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/19/04: “We love you, we love you not…” – The Age [AU]
06/19/04: “Head-scratching goes on as Scud warms up” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

06/18/04: “Philippoussis finally wins” – The Age [AU]
06/10/04: “Scud all set for take-off … next year” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/10/04: Scud fit for Wimbledon: trainer” – The Age [AU]
06/09/04: “Philippoussis fizzes against unknown in first round at Queens” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/08/04: “Scud to face unknown at Queens” – The Age [AU]
06/08/04: “Scud loses opener to World No. 866” – The Age [AU]

French Open
05/26/04: “Injured Scud heads for greener pastures” – The Age [AU]
05/26/04: “Scud fights enemy No. 1” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/25/04: “Pratt through as Scud misfires” – The Age [AU]
05/25/04: “Scud out in first round French Open” – The Age [AU]

World Team Cup
05/23/04: “Fitzgerald slams depth” – The Age [AU]
05/22/04: “Team Chile wins World Team Cup for second straight year” – CBS Sportsline [US]
05/21/04: “Australia into World Team final” – TSN [CA]
05/21/04: “Fighting win for Australians” – The Age [AU]
05/21/04: “Hewitt and Scud keep ball rolling” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/20/04: “Aussies eye Team Cup tennis final” – The AGe [AU]
05/18/04: “Philippoussis breaks losing streak” – Rediff [IA]
05/18/04: “Scud, Hewitt play tough in Cup” – The Age [AU]
05/18/04: “Hewitt, Scud secure vitory over US” – The Age [AU]
05/17/04: “Philippoussis ends poor run” – BBC [UK]

Tennis Masters Hamburg
05/12/04: “Scud, Hewitt slumps a time bomb for Australia” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/12/04: “Heart of the matter for Scud, Tiger” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/11/04: “Philippoussis loses first round Masters match” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/11/04: “Philippoussis loses first round Masters match” – The Age [AU]
05/11/04: “Scud fails to fire again” – The Age [AU]
05/06/04: “Scud’s back but return is short-lived” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/05/04: “Scud and Roddick falter on clay” – The Age [AU]

04/19/04: “Delta and Mark steal the show” – Herald Sun [AU]
04/19/04: “Star couple’s grand enterance” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
04/19/04: “Star pair make rand enterance” – The Age [AU]
04/19/04: “Delta steals the show” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU[
04/15/04: “Struggling Scud still committed to Davis Cup” – The Age [AU]
04/14/04: “Philippoussis again at the crossroads” – The Age [AU]
04/14/04: “Scud’s critics hit their mark: coach” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/25/04: “Scud the comeback king” – The Age [AU]
03/22/04: “Philippoussis decides to get physical” – The Age [AU]
03/02/04: “Scud, Henman bite the dust in Dubai” – The Age [AU]

Davis Cup
02/10/04: “Scud’s desire questioned, but he vows to keep the faith” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/10/04: “Scud team-ethic doubts” – The Age [AU]
02/09/04: “Swedes sweep troubled Scud” – The Age [AU]
02/09/04: “Flat, negative feeling permeates Davis Cup team” – The Age [AU]
02/09/04: “Philippoussis heads for the beach” – The Age [AU]
02/09/04: “California here I come” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/09/04: “Philippoussis gutted and so is racquet” – Sydney Morning Herald {AU]
02/08/04: “cud’s twilight-zone weekend” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/08/04: “Philippoussis to take a break” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/07/04: “Australia’s defense rests with Philippoussis” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/07/04: “Scud must find flip side of form” – The Age [AU]
02/07/04: “Philippoussis faces big day out” – The Age [AU]
02/06/04: “Philippoussis blames poor form on too much tennis” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/06/04; “Lleyton levels the score” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/06/04: “Enqvist defeats Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]
02/04/04: “Scud jets in, but all quiet on Cash” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/04/04: “Aussies quick to hose down Cash-Scud feud” – Herald Sun [AU]
02/03/04: “Rafter backs Scud against Swedes” – The Age [AU]
02/03/04: “Scud dodges media bullets, with a little help” – The Age [AU]
02/03/04: “Rafter backs Scud against Swedes” – The Age [AU]
02/03/04: “Scud-Cash row sparks unity call” – The Age [AU]
02/02/04: “Scud in good spirits for Davis Cup” – The Age [AU]
02/02/04: “Scud ‘not fazed’ by Cash” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

Australian Open
02/02/04: “Philippoussis row grows” – Telegraph [UK]
02/02/04: “Fury over Delta jibe” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/02/04: “Cash mulls Flip restraining order” – The Age [AU]
01/31/04: “Scud and Delta ignore critics” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/31/04: “Stick it under your pillow, Pat” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/30/04: “Scud’s camp abused me: Cash” – The Age [AU]
01/30/04: “Cash fears Scud encounter after ‘distraction’ call” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/28/04: “Scud’s destroyer takes on Ferrero” – The Age [AU]
01/28/04: “Advice on Hewitt, Scud exits” – The Age {AU]
01/27/04: “Scud may have done dash: Cash” – The Age [AU]
01/27/04: “Scud wiped out by Arazi” – The Age [AU]
01/27/04: “Open and shut – Aussies crash out” – The Age [AU]
01/27/04: “One bad day and it’s goodnight Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/26/04: “Arazi shoots down Scud at Open” – The Age [AU]
01/26/04: “Arazi stuns Philippoussis” – BBC Sports [BBC]
01/26/04: “Scud, Hewitt in action” – The Age [AU]
01/26/04: “Delta makes her Mark” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/25/04: “Scud going well, sure as eggs” – The Age [AU]
01/25/04: “Delta joins Scud’s stable of famous admirers” – The Age [AU]
01/25/04: “How winning ugly helped make our Mark” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/24/04: “Philippoussis into fourth round” – The Age [AU]
01/24/04: “The making of Mark” – The Age [AU]
01/23/04: “Scud wins in spiteful match” – The Age [AU]
01/22/04: “Philippoussis vs Santoro” – BBC [UK]
01/22/04: “Scud puts the heavy on Frenchman” – The Age [AU]
01/22/04: “Philippoussis wary of wily French foe” – The Age [AU]
01/22/04: “Woodforde warns Scud to be wary of wily Frenchman” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/21/04: “Scud’s triumphant return” – The Age [AU]
01/21/04: “Scud blasts his way past former champ” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/20/04: “Gamewatch: Philippoussis vs. Johansson” – BBC [UK]
01/20/04: “Hewitt, cud ready for action” – The Age [AU]
01/18/04: “Philippoussis is ready for home Open” – The Age [AU]
01/18/04: “Scud snr serves it up, too” – The Age [AU]
01/17/04: “Scud in line for Verkerk payback” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/17/04: “Team Scud: WHy Father knows best” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

Adidas International
01/16/04: Scud dips out to Verkerk” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/14/04: “Reborn Scud on a mission” – The Age [AU]
01/14/04: “‘Scud’ sees off embattled Rusedski” – CNN [US]
01/14/04: “Scud’s still the escape artist” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/14/04: “Scud calmly digs himself out of a hole” – The Age [AU]
01/14/04: “Rusedski to face Philippoussis” – BBC [UK]
01/13/04: “Philippoussis next for troubled Rusedski” – Ireland Online [IE]
01/13/04: “Philippoussis off to a strong start in Sydney” – The Age [AU]
01/13/03: “Big day for the men in tennis” – The Age [AU]
01/11/04: “Scud faces battle of big servers” – The Age [AU]
01/11/04: “Scud, Todd link” – Herald Sun [AU]
01/11/04: “Big-hitting Scud draws four of a kind” – The Age [AU]
01/11/04: “Woodbridge joins Scud camp” – The Age [AU]
01/11/04: “Scud in slug-fest” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/08/04: “Setback for Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]
01/03/04: “Scud jets off to Qatar for Open warm-up” – The Age [AU]
12/31/03: “Philippoussis gets injury concern off his chest” – The Age [AU]
12/31/03: “Philippoussis back to full fitness for the challenge ahead” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/29/03: “The day Scud’s ‘grip and rip’ won the cup” – The Age [AU]


12/19/03: “Mark must net gold as Hewitt skips Olympics” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/19/03: “Scud takes firm airm at Athens Olympics” – The Age [AU]
12/18/03: “Scud the man for Athens” – The Age [AU]
12/15/03: “Philippoussis misses tour” – BBC [UK]

Davis Cup

12/02/03: “Flip shoulders on” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/02/03: “Scud given all clear and glad to get that off his chest” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/02/03: “Acus is still on track for Open” – The Age [AU]
12/01/03: “Philippoussis injury not serious” – The Age [AU]
12/01/03: “Philippoussis gives all for Davis Cup” – Teeside [UK]
12/01/03: “Scud the hero as Australia clinch Davis Cup crown” – Utusan [KL]
12/01/03: “Philippoussis comeback almost complete” – BBC [UK]
12/01/03: “Melbourne salutes tennis heros” – BBC [UK]
12/01/03: “Scud defies pain barrier to explode in style” – The Star [AU]

12/01/03: “Gritty pair bring the Cup home” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/01/03: “Both the power and the passion” – The Age [AU]
12/01/03: “Winged Scud stands tall” – The Age [AU]
12/01/03: “AN accidental hero seals a courageous victory” – The Age [AU]
12/01/03: “Philippoussis digs deep for recovery” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/01/03: “The day Scud turned us into true believers” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/01/03: “So good it hurts” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/30/03: “Philippoussis plays through the pain” – The Age [AU]
11/30/03: “Scud’s heroics wins Davis Cup” – The Age [AU]
11/30/03: “How a short break turned it all around” – The Age [AU]
11/29/03: “New look Scud promised” – The Age [AU]
11/28/03: “Heart and heartbreak” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/28/03: “Australia, Spain level after opening singles” – Rediff [IA]
11/26/03: “Come in, No 86” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/26/03: “Scud says win at home would be the ultimate” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/23/03: “Win at home would be sweet: Scud” – The Age [AU]
11/18/03: “Philippoussis uses down time wisely in Houston” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/17/03: “Philippoussis to lead Australia” – BBC [UK]

Masters Series
11/08/03: “Scud awaiting Masters call” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/08/03: “Fired-up Scud out to fulfill dreams” – The Age [AU]
11/08/03: “Philippoussis aims for Houston and a Masters berth” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
11/03/03: “Scud ousts Hewitt as Aussie No. 1” – The Age [AU]
10/31/03: “Scud slips in Masters race” – The Age [AU]
10/30/03: “Scud’s Masters hopes shot down” – The Age [AU]
10/29/03: “Kuerten-Philippoussis showdown” – The Age [AU]
10/28/03: “Philippoussis to begin season in Doha” – The Age [AU]
10/28/03: “Nalbandian injury boosts Scud” – The Age [AU]
10/22/03: “Scud’s Masters Cup hopes dim” – The Age [AU]
10/22/03: “Infection throws doubt on Scud’s Masters hopes” – The Age [AU]
10/22/03: “Illness scuppers the Scud’s Masters Cup hopes” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/22/03: “Injury brings down Scud” – The Age [AU]
10/16/03: “Scud a step shorter as young Spaniard eyes cup berth” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
10/15/03: “Philippoussis loss a blow to Masters Cup hopes” – The Age [AU]

Heineken Open
10/07/03: “Philippoussis pain in the neck” – The Age [AU]
10/03/03: “Scud, Draper cruise in to quarter-finals” – The Age [AU]
10/02/03: “Scud still firing in Japan” – The Age [AU]
09/28/03: “Philippoussis wins SHanghai crown” – The Age [AU]
09/28/03: “Philippoussis wins Shanghai ATP crown” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/28/03: “Philippoussis wins Shanghai title” – BBC [UK]
09/27/03: “Scud through, Arthurs out” – The Sunday Mail [AU]
09/27/03: “Scud set to overtake Hewitt” – The Sunday Mail [AU]
09/27/03: “Scut set to overtake Hewitt” – The Sunday Mail [AU]
09/27/03: “Novak faces Philippoussis in CHina” – CNN [US]
09/27/03: “Scud into semi-finals in Shanghai” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/27/03: “Scud into semi-finals” – The Age [AU]
09/26/03: “Scud outguns Salzenstein” – The Age [AU]
09/25/03: “Scud leads Aussies into quarters” – The Age [AU]

Davis Cup
09/20/03: “Swiss precision negates Philippoussis power” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/19/03: “Scud’s loss levels Davis Cup tie” – The Age [AU]
09/17/03: “Scud skips the health issues” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/17/03: “Scud ready to stick his neck out for Australia” – The Age [AU]
09/16/03: “Scud’s absence raises injury fears” – The Age [AU]
09/16/03: “Missing Scud no cause for alarm” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/13/03: “Australians gear up for tough tie” – The Age [AU]

U.S. Open
09/02/03: “Error prone Scud exits” – The Age [AU]
09/02/03: “Flurry of aces fails to save flat Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
09/01/03: “Wayward Scud exits US Open” – The Age [AU]
09/01/03: “Scud bombs out of US Open” – The Age [AU]
09/01/03: “Scud bundled out of US Open” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/31/03: “Scud happy to be a contender” – The Age [AU]
08/29/03: “Mature Scud makes solid start” – The Age [AU]
08/29/03: “Surf keeps Scud’s dreams afloat” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/28/03: “Federer, Philippoussis through” – Rediff [IA]
08/21/03: “HEwitt fares better than Scud in US Open draw” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/19/03: “Hewitt, Philippoussis sedded for US Open” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]

Masters Series
08/13/03: “Scud the talk of the town” – BBC [UK]
08/13/03: “Aussie trio bombs out in Cincinnati” – The Age [AU]
08/13/03: “Centre court sinners: top Aussie players lose” – The Age [AU]
08/06/03: “Hewitt advances as Scud falls sick” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/06/03: “Sick Philippoussis drops out of Masters” – The Age [AU]
08/06/03: “Philippoussis withdraws from Monstreal Masters” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/02/03: “Scud hastens Chang’s retirement” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/01/03: “Philippoussis defeats Chang” – The Florida Ledger [US]
08/01/03: “Philippoussis eliminates Chang” – The Age [AU]
07/28/03: “HEwitt, Scud start hardcourt season” – The Age [AU]

07/09/03: “Scud back to the grind” – The Age [AU]
07/09/03: “Philippoussis turns to pain to make the gain for assault on US Open” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/08/03: “Money helps, Cash doesn’t” – The Age [AU]
07/08/03: “Wimbledon title is still Scud’s target” – The Age [AU]
07/08/03: “Philippoussis takes heart in the tale of Goran” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/08/03: “Oh, the Poo and the passion” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “Philippoussis confident he’ll win Wimbledon crown” – Cinncinnati Enquirer [US]
07/07/03: “Pollies rally to Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]
07/07/03: “Scud shot down with Swiss precision” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “Scud’s ranking shoots into top 20” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “Philippoussis dream over for now” – The Age [AU]
07/07/03: “Swiss giant-killer crushes Scud’s Wimbledon dream” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “Scud shot down by steely Swiss” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “Philippoussis loses Wimbledon final to Federer” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “The mark of a man” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/07/03: “Scud grand slammed” – The Age [AU]
07/07/03: “Scud outplayed in Wimbledon final” – The Age [AU]
07/06/03: “Experience may give Philippoussis the edge” – Rediff [IA]
07/05/03: “Federer, Philippoussis vie for first major title” – CBS Sportsline [US]
07/05/03: “Scud through to Wimbledon final” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Hewitt wishes Scud well” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Scud’s longing reaps rewards” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Scud, Federer into final” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Philippoussis makes the final” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Aussie recalls Rafter defeat” – Teeside [UK]
07/05/03: “The Scud is determined he’ll rocket to victory” – IC Newcastle [UK]
07/05/03: “Healthy body and healthy mind bring Scud back from brink” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/05/03: “Scud assumes nom de guerre” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Scud downs Grosjean to earn shot at title” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/05/03: “Return of the prodigal son” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/05/03: “Incoming… Scud cracks the final” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/05/03: “How Scud stepped up” – The Age [AU]
07/05/03: “Healthy Scud’s luck may be changing” – The Age [AU]
07/04/03: “Philippoussis sweeps into final” – BBC [UK]
07/04/03: “Scud scuppers Grosjean to make final” – Ireland Online [IE]
07/03/03: “Popp is out to make his Mark in epic” – Newcastle [UK]
07/03/03: “Scud rocks Popp in soulful epic” – Teesside [UK]
07/03/03: “Faltering Scud gets himself back on target” – Newcastle [UK]
07/03/03: “Erratic Scud stalled by rain” – The Age [AU]
07/03/03: “Rain stops Scud in his tracks” – The Age [AU]
07/03/03: “Scud fizzles to a halt as rain stops play” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/03/03: “Rain stops Scud in fifth set” – The Age [AU]
07/03/03: “Friendship wins through as former coach applauds the Scud” – The Age [AU]
07/02/03: “Scud’s Wimbledon bandwagon is back on track” – The Age [AU]
07/02/03: “A big man makes little impression” – The Age [AU]
07/02/03: “It’s sandman Scud as Wimbledon becomes a surfer’s paradise” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/02/03: “New Scud the little Aussie battler” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/01/03: “Fantastic to see the Scud firing” – Rediff [IA]
07/01/03: “Agassi loses to hard serving Aussie” – San Francisco Gate [US]
07/01/03: “Philippoussis leaps to Hewitt’s defense” – The Age [AU]
07/01/03: “Powerful Philippoussis serves upset of Agassi” – Washington Times [US}
07/01/03: “The Scud aces it” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
07/01/03: “Philippoussis sinks Agassi” – BBC [UK]
06/30/03: “Draw pleases Agassi’s tall foe” – Cincinnati Enquirer [US]
06/29/03: “Persistent Scud prevails” – The Age [AU]
06/29/03: “Scud sets up date with Agassi” – The Age [AU]
06/29/03: “Scud calm before Agassi storm” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/29/03: “Scud fired up for Agassi” – The Age [AU]
06/29/03: “Scud fired up for Agassi” – The Age [AU]
06/29/03: “Scud advances as Molik bows out” – The Age [AU]
06/29/03: “Fighting win for Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/27/03: “Shades of 1999 for Scud” – The Age [AU]
06/27/03: “Philippoussis, Molik only Aussies left” – The Age [AU]
06/27/03: “Scud cruises into third round” – The Age [AU]
06/27/03: “He’s back: new Scud powers into third round” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/26/03: “Scud leads the way for Australia” – The Age [AU]
06/25/03: “Hungry Scud set for next course” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/25/03: “Scud unfazed by nation’s hopes” – The Age [AU]
06/25/03: “Scud leads the way for Aussie pack” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/25/03: “Success for Aussies at Wimbledon” – The Age [AU]
06/25/03: “Aussie trio marches on” – Fox Sports [AU]
06/25/03: “Philippoussis takes up the challenge” – The Age [AU]
06/25/03: “Molik, Scud and Dokic fly Aussie flag … sort of” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/24/03: “…Philippoussis hopes to make the cut” – Telegraph [UK]
06/23/03: “Scud a danger to all at Wimbledon” – The Age [AU]
06/23/03: “Quiet Scud a danger to all at Wimbledon” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/20/03: “Fit Philippoussis ready to suceed” – The Age [AU]
06/19/03: “Fully fit ‘Pou’ to fulfil promise” – The Age [AU]

Queens Club / Stella Artois
06/10/03: “Hewitt, Scud face Wimbledon without a coach” – The Age [AU]
06/09/03: “Aussie court jesters” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/09/03: “Scud in for testing times” – The Age [AU]
06/09/03: “Scud out for revenge, but tough battle looms” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/08/03: “Scud draws bogeyman Krajicek” – The Age [AU]

French Open
06/05/03: “Dad knows best … but McNamara’s keeping mum about split with Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald” [AU]
05/30/03: “TIme running out to make Mark” – The Age [AU]
05/30/03: “Scud’s love point” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/29/03: “Question mark” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/29/03: “Sporting Moya does a Gilchrist” – The Age [AU]
05/29/03: “Moya downs Scud” – The Age [AU]
05/29/03: “Philippoussis goes down to Moya” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/29/03: “Scud out but not discourages” – The Age [AU]
05/27/03: “Scud claws back in five to win” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/27/03: “Scud dumps Mac for Dad” – The Age [AU]
05/27/03: “Misfiring Scud claws back to win” – The Age [AU]
05/27/03: “Scud and coach ‘take a breather'” – The Age [AU]
05/26/03: “Scud ready to blast off” – The Age [AU]
05/26/03: “Scuggling session shows Scud ready to fire” – The Age [AU]
05/24/03: “Pairs could be a pain in the neck for Scud” – The Age [AU]

Tennis Masters
05/16/03: “Hewitt, Federer shown the door” – Rediff [IA]
05/16/03: “Philippoussis claims top scalp, Hewitt toppled” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/16/03: “Hewitt loses, Scud fires up” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/16/03: “Hewitt runs out of puff” – The Age [AU]
05/08/03: “Philippoussis finds some grit to add to French clay” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/07/03: “Scud gives Ferrero a fright” – The Age [AU]
05/07/03: “Ferrero downs Scud at Rome Masters” – The Age [AU]

Davis Cup
04/07/03: “Local advantage for favorites” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
04/07/03: “Scud and Arthurs clean sweep” – The Age [AU]
04/04/03: “The battle of the boys who rise to the occassion” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
04/02/03: “Scud eager after a long flight” – The Age [AU]

Nasdaq-100 Open
03/27/03: “Agassi rallies past Scud” – Indian Express [IA]
03/27/03: “Agassi’s patience pays off in overcoming Philippoussis” – The Age [AU]
03/26/03: “Agassi ups the tempo to stop aggressive Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/26/03: “Agassi survives Aussie scare” – The Age [AU]
03/25/03: “Philippoussis power subdues defiant Enqvist” – The Age [AU]
03/25/03: “Philippoussis beats Enqvist” – The Age [AU]
03/24/03: “Philippoussis on target for Agassi showdown” – The Age [AU]

Davis Cup
03/15/03: “Odd couple enjoy their double act” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/13/03: “Fitzy ponders Scud-Hewitt pairing” – The Age [AU]
03/13/03: “Unchanged Davis cup team” – The Age [AU]

Franklin-Templeton Classic – Scottsdale
03/13/03: “Philippoussis bows out” – The Age [AU]
03/13/03: “Philippoussis bows out of Masters” – The Age [AU]
03/10/03: “Hewitt, Scud face off in final” – The Age [AU]
03/09/03: “Scud lands Miami wildcard” – The Age [AU]
03/09/03: “Hewitt, Scud head for final showdown” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/08/03: “Contrasting wins for Hewitt, Scud” – The Age [AU]
03/08/03: “Hewitt, Scud into semis” – The Sunday Mail [AU]
03/07/03: “Scud shoots into quarters” – The Age [AU]
03/04/03: “Scud, Hewitt team up” – The Age [AU]

Siebel Open
02/15/03: “In-form Agassi powers to big win over Philippoussis” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/14/03: “Agassi serves down Scud” – The Age [AU]

Davis Cup
02/10/03: “Arthurs down but not out” – The Age [AU]
02/10/03: “Woodbridge set tough task” – The Age [AU]
02/08/03: “Scud content with successful relaunch” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/08/03: “Scud beats comeback jitters” – The Age [AU]
02/08/03: “Scud overcomes the butterflies to swat Mackin” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/07/03: “Hewitt, Philippoussis lead the way” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
02/07/03: “Scud blasts to Davis Cup win” – The Age [AU]
02/06/03: “Harmony marks Scud’s cup return” – The Age [AU]
02/06/03: “Mark Philippoussis in Davis Cup” (Timeline) – The Age [AU]
02/04/03: “Return of the Scud” – The Age [AU]
02/04/03: “Hewitt, Scud in doubles contention” – The Age [AU]
01/31/03: “There’ll be no mercy for depleted Great Britain, vows Fitzgerald” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/29/03: ‘Odds stacked against Brits” – The Age [AU]
01/25/03: “Australia at full power for Davis Cup” – The Age [AU]

Australian Open
01/18/03: “Scud eyes Davis Cup” – The Age [AU]
01/18/03: “Scud falls to qualifier” – The Age [AU]
01/18/03: “Scud crashes out of Open – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/17/03: “Sargisian suprises Philippoussis” – BBC News [UK]
01/17/03: “Scud comeback continues” – The Age [AU]
01/17/03: “Philippoussis reinvented but remains his own man” – The Age [AU]
01/17/03: “I’ll do it my way: Scud’s title tilt” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/16/03: “Scud bounces back with a bang” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/16/03: “Scud wins a five set thriller” – The Age [AU]
01/15/03: “Philippoussis faces hot Thai” – The Age [AU]
01/14/03: “Scud through to second round” – The Age [AU]
01/13/03: “Philippoussis sees off Verkerk” (game-by-game match summary) – BBC News [UK]

Kooyong Classic
01/11/03: “Beaten Scud strikes positive note” – The Age [AU]
01/11/03: “Scud’s wary of the unknown” – Sydney Morning Herald [SU]
01/10/03: “‘Old’ Scud wary of the youngsters” – The Age [AU]
01/10/03: “Philippoussis out of Kooyong international” – The Age [AU]
01/10/03: “Scud one win from the final that never was” – The Age [AU]
01/09/03: “Recharged Scud marches on” – The Age [AU]
01/09/03: “Scud swaps life in the fast lane for yoga and tranquillity” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/08/03: “Agassi, Philippoussis win year-opening matches in exhibition event” – CBS Sportsline [US]
01/08/03: “Scud shows form return at Kooyong” – The Age [AU]
01/08/03: “Scud fit and raring to go” – The Age [AU]
01/08/03: “Scud trusts in fate” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
01/07/03: “Don’t write off Scud: Fitzgerald” – The Age [AU]
01/07/03: “Philippoussis finally back on court” – The Age [AU]

Tata Open
01/03/03: “Philippoussis crashes out in Madras” – The Age [AU]
01/02/03: “Philippoussis loses to Schuettler in Tata Open” – CBS Sportsline [US]
01/02/03: “Scud comes back a winner” – The Age [AU]


Davis Cup
12/19/02: “‘Give me a go with Scud'” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
12/18/02: “Everyone wants a slice of Scud” – The Age [AU]
12/11/02: “Hewitt and Scud are willing doubles partners” – The Age [AU]

Upcoming Season / Misc.
10/23/02: “Philippoussis finally returns to Kooyong fold” – The Age [AU]
10/11/02: “Scud takes first steps toward comeback” – The Age [AU]
09/30/02: “McNamara to be the face of Australian Open” – The Age [AU]

US Open
08/30/02: “Scud gets good news on knee” – The Age [AU]
08/29/02: “Dodgy knee scuttles Scud” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
08/28/02: “Philippoussis likely out two months with hyper-extended knee” – CBS Sportsline [US]
08/27/02: “Promising start turns to disaster for Philippoussis” – CBS Sportsline [US]

06/30/02: “Australians serve it up” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/28/02: “Krajicek, Philippoussis into 4th round” – CBS Sportsline [US]
06/27/02: “Philippoussis, Arthurs sweep seeded pair aside” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/25/02: “Philippoussis steels his mind for the next challenge” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/24/02: “Scud still talking like a winner” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/24/02: “Scud ready to fire at Wimbledon” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/17/02: “Scud on target for exhibition despite injury” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/10/02: ‘Philippoussis, several others receive wild cards for Wimbledon” – CBS Sportsline [US]

Queens Club
06/15/02: “Philippoussis foiled at Queen’s but claims to have acquired a taste for a scrap” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
06/14/02: “Philippoussis knocked out at Queens” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/12/02: “Scud a winner on grass” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
06/11/02: “Philippoussis sinks No. 6 seed Rusedski in London” – CBS Sportsline [US]
06/10/02: “Scud faces tricky hurdle” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]

05/30/02: “Scud loses and heads for grass” – The Age Melbourne Online [AU]
05/30/02: “Hewitt through but Philippoussis out of French Open” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
05/29/02: “Philippoussis spoils debutant’s ball” – Sydney Morning Herald [AU]
03/25/02: “Big-hearted Hewitt keeps on firing while Scud fizzles again” – Sydney Morning Herald” [AU]
01/06/02: “Henman tops Philippoussis to win AAPT Championships” CBS Sportsline [US]
01/03/02: “Philippoussis advances at Aussie hardcourt” – CBS Sportsline [US]


07/03/00: “Philippoussi full of fighting talk” – The Guardian [UK]


07/01/98: “Two Men Go Down in History” – Washington Post [US]