Mark’s busy spring

Mark had a busy spring, competing in three Challenger Circuit events. First was the Zurich Open in March where he came in third. His play included a loss to Edberg, and wins against Laconte, Henman and Safin. Next he played at the Medellin Open where he lost the third place match. His play included a win against Gaudio and losses to Rusedski and Santoro. Finally he was in Brazil for the Sao Paolo Open where he made it to the final but lost to Santoro. His earlier rounds included wins against Puerta and Enqvist.

Mark out of Nashville challenger

A bit late on the news, but Mark had pulled out of the Nashville challenger with tendonitis (inflamation) in his right bicep. Mark is also confirmed for a charity match at the Royal Albert Hall on December 5th during the BlackRock Masters seniors tournament. Mark will play against Henman to raise funds for charity. There’s been no word on what events Mark is planning for the early 2007 season, however the direct entry cut-off for the Australian Open is 100 so he’ll need to play some early tournaments if he hopes to boost his ranking enough to avoid qualifying.

Mark to play in Nashville

Mark will next play in the Music City Challenger in Nashville, TN starting on November 6th. His first round match will be against Cecil Mamiit and should be on Tuesday.

Mark wins title at Calabasas Challenger

Go Mark! Mark won the Calabasas Challenger today defeating Delic 6-7 (4-7), 7-6 (7-4), 6-3. It was a tight win, but Mark did manage to pull it off. While not a main tour event, this win will help give Mark a boost in the rankings. Next for mark will be the Ford Tennis Championship in Louisville, TN.

Mark wins again at Calabasas Challenger

Mark put together another two wins at the Calabasas Challenger this weekend, defeating Cleveland 6-3, 7-6 (8-6) in the quarterfinals and Healy 6-2, 7-5 in the semifinals. Tomorrow he will play the final against Amer Delic. No real news reports on how Mark is playing in the matches themselves, but for him putting toether multiple wins in a row is a good sign, even if only at the Challenger level, considering tghat a few months ago he couldn’t even do that.