Mark excused from second match?

It seems that Mark was let out of the reverse singles match today in order to fly back to San Jose for the start of the Siebel Open. As it always seems to be with Mark and Davis Cup there’s a bit of ‘he said, she said’ in the press. Mark and captain Fitzgerald say that it was always the plan where if that second match was a dead rubber that mark would be excused to catch the plane. Woodbridge however wonders about that as he got almost zero notice that he’d be playing that second match. While it’s a good thing Mark was able to catch the earlier flight for San Jose, given all his troubles with Davis Cup and the Australian press already here’s hoping the fallout isn’t too bad. The draw has been done for the Siebel Open and Mark’s got an ugly situation facing him. He opens against Lisnard which is a good match, but unfortunately he’s likely to face Agassi in the second round.

Mark wins first Davis Cup match

February 7, 2003: Media wrap-up from the first round of Davis Cup – 21 articles and 4 photos. Considering Mark was up at 6am, on the practice court at 8am and the match began at 10am he was remarkably awake. He did seem to suffer from a terrible case of nerves and his 8am practice was just dreadful, but he managed to get it under control for the match and his serve and forehand were just deadly.

February 6, 2003 pm: Go Mark! Getting Davis Cup off to the right start, Mark defeated Mackin 6-3, 6-3, 6-3. It just happened so the news articles will have to wait til tomorrow’s update 🙂

February 6, 2003: The Davis Cup draw was today and Mark has the first match up at 10am against Alan Mackin first thing tomorrow. Good luck Mark!

Mark does Davis Cup media

February 5, 2003: Seven new articles on Davis Cup added. I recommend The Age’s “Harmony marks Scud’s cup return” as it gives a different perspective than the current ‘rah-rah Mark’ theme. It seems that Mark recently had a private photo shoot in Narrabeen with a surf magazine. No word on what magazine that might be, but I’d ask my Australian readers to keep their eyes open for something and contact me if you see anything! Also there’s now a new page open above for this season’s tournament schedule.

February 4, 2003: The Aussie team held a press conference yesterday and the big story for the press it seems was how great it was to have Mark back playing for Australia. Nice to know they haven’t forgotten him 😉 Great quote from Mark: “If you’re not having fun on the court, there’s no point being out there.” Fitzegerald hasn’t named his doubles team yet but in practice has played just about everyone in some combination to test out possible match-ups. Ten articles and two photos added.

Mark on site and practicing for Davis Cup

January 31, 2003: Mark’s on site in Syndey and the team took their first run on the clay with yesterday and all seem to like the temporary clay surface. New to the Photo page is a section featuring scans of Mark’s print advertisements for Dunlop, Fila and Longines.

January 29, 2003: Davis Cup starts next week and Mark is expected to arrive in a few days to start practicing on the temporary clay surface at the Sydney International Tennis Centre. Also Mark has been added to the roster for the Siebel Open, February 10-16th in San Jose, California. (formerly known as the Sybase Open which Mark has won twice). Three articles added.

Mark named to Davis Cup

The Australian Davis Cup team has been officially announced and as expected Mark is part of it. He will be joined by Hewitt, Woodbridge and Arthurs. Philippoussis and Hewitt are set for the two singles berths and Woodbridge for the doubles – though who he’ll partner has not yet been decided. Their at-home match against Britian will take place on clay against a decidedly weakened team as both Henman and Rusedski are out with injury.

MRI clears Mark to play

December 10, 2002: It’s just about time for the season to start up, and Mark arrived safely in Australia on Thursday where he’ll continue training before heading to India for the Tata Open. According to reports, he’s feeling fine and the last MRI cleared him of any lose cartilage in the knee – definitely a good sign. Also it seems that Mark and Lleyton have mended their fences and will be teaming up for doubles duty against Great Britain in Davis Cup.

December 9, 2002: The latest news on Mark is that he’s resting up for the season’s start at the end of the month. Also Australia has chosen slow clay for the Davis Cup match against Great Britain. Philippoussis has said he will play Davis Cup again this year provided that his knee is still holding up well after the Australian Open.