Australia Wins Davis Cup!!

December 5, 1999: Congratulations to Mark and the Australian Davis Cup Team for winning the last Davis Cup of the century! Mark helped the team to victory with wins over both Grosjean and Pioline. His Pioline win was the final match of the competition and he was carried off the court by fellow teammates. Lots of news articles and great photos!

Congratulations Australian Davis Cup Team!!

December 2, 1999: The Davis Cup finals against France are set to begin this weekend. Philippoussis along with Hewitt, Woodbridge and Woodforde make up the Australian team. A few opening articles and photos of Mark in practice have been posted.

It’s a knee injury

July 10th, 1999: Good news for Philippoussis fans! Though Mark will not be playing Davis Cup next week his post surgery reovery time is down to two weeks. The arthroscopic surgery was successful in trimming a small twist in the lateral meniscus that had doubled over in his knee joint. Due to the less seriousness of the injury Mark is expected to be back in top form to defend his appearance in the final of the US Open.

July 3rd, 1999: The results are in and they aren’t terribly good for Philippoussis or for Australia in the upcoming Davis Cup match against the US. Mark has a tear in the cartilage in his left knee and will be undergoing surgery in New York on Tuesday the 6th. He is expected to be off the court for six weeks, thus missing the upcoming Davis Cup match and limiting his preparation time for the US Open. Here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery!