Mark at the Brodies Championship

Mark did well at the Brodies Champions event in Edinburgh. In round one he defeated Rusedski 7-6, 6-1. This post match photo shows Mark waving to the crowd and you can see the rather monstrous knee brace Mark wears just to play. Next up he took on Moya and won 6-7. (the match was suspended on Fri and finished Saturday -I couldn’t find any more scores on that. Then Mark played the final against Enqvist where he lost 6-4, 5-7, 8-10 – a close one. But I saved the best for the end. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Philippoussis and all the players from this event all kilted out!

Mark also played some doubles at the event. First it was Ferreira/Philippoussis v Ivanisevic/Pernfors and then McEnroe/Henman v Ferreira/Philippoussis. However I couldn’t seem to find any kind of scores for these matches. An exhibition of mixed doubles saw Davenport/Rusedski defeat Philippoussis/Stubbs 5-3. Pre-match group photo

Article Round-Up
Andy Murray Tipped for Wimbledon Glory – Scotsman
Enqvist wins Brodies Champions of Tennis Trophy – Edinburgh Reporter
Edinburgh schoolchildren hold court with tennis stars – Edinburgh Reporter article about tennis champions working with local school kids. Includes a cute photo of Mark facing off at net against a bunch of kids.
Philippoussis Powers past Rusedski – Eastbourne Tennis

It’s now time for Wimbledon and that means looking at Federer and that means to expect some material on his match with Mark. Up first the BBC looks back at Roger Federer’s time at Wimbledon. In this radio interview Mark talks about facing Roger at Centre Court.

Mark to play World Team Tennis Again This Summer

Mark will once again be playing World Team Tennis this summer. However, this year Mark was traded to the Boston Lobsters. Matches begin on July 7th and the exact schedule is expected in March.

Last week Mark also apparently played some kind of double exhibition match in Memphis as part of the U.S. National Indoor Championships. While there, he spoke to the press about wanting to speak to countryman Tomic to offer some career guidance. (Tomic is similar to Mark in being a young player with loads to talent who’s leading a crazy lifestyle off court and not focusing enough on his game). While in Memphis he also gave the following video interview with Lyndsay Davenport.

Mark has a new love interest

We normally stay away from the Mark personal life postings, but the articles actually have some newer photos of Mark in them and that’s a rarity these days. The girl in question is Melbourne model Silvana Lovin. Also the last article talks about players who were known for their serves. I love the reference to Philippoussis whose “serve was the nightclub bouncer of serves” which is just a brilliant description.

9/10/12: Australian tennis ace Philippoussis’ latest love interest Lovin ‘very happy’ with him
9/10/12: Mark Philippoussis in new romance with Melbourne model Silvana Lovin
9/09/12: Scud serves up a new Lovin
8/29/12: Memorable Service

Welcome to the newest version of the Mark Philippoussis Archives!

Welcome loyal readers to the newest incarnation of the Mark Philippoussis Archives. I’ve gone full-on WordPress so that it’s now hopefully quicker for me to update whenever Mark news appears. All our pages made the migration and new is a biography of Mark’s (note: bios are not my best area so if you notice an error please let me know).

World Team Tennis Wrap-Up

Mark’s been playing some more pro tennis and there’s more news available so I’m bringing this site back to life with some more updates. The big news is that Mark has apparently given up any plans for an ATP return, or well, sort of, depending on how you interpret this quote from The Boston Herald: “I don’t really have any interest in returning to ATP. I’d love to play some events. I’m very interested in playing some events, but I’m very happy playing senior events.” So he’s done with the ATP but would love to play some events? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

World Team Tennis: Mark played in his third season in World Team Tennis, this time for the St. Louis Aces. WTT uses a rotating team format and Mark played in 5 of the matches:

  • 7/18/11: St. Louis Aces vs. Boston Lobsters. Mens Singles: Mark defeated Jan Michael Gambill 5-1; Mens Doubles: Philippoussis/Jean-Julien Rojer lose to Jan Michael Gambill/Eric Butorac 4-5.
  • 7/19/11: St. Lous Aces vs. Newport Beach Breakers. Mens Singles: Mark defeated Lester Cook 5-2; Mens Doubles: Philippoussis/Jean-Julien Rojer defeated Lester Cook/Trevor Kronemann 5-2
  • 7/20/11: St. Louis Aces vs. Kansas City Explorers. Mens Singles: Mark lost to Ricardo Mello 2-5; Mens Doubles: Philippoussis/Jean-Julien Rojer lost to Alex Kuznetsov/Ricardo Mello 4-5
  • 7/21/11: St. Lous Aces vs. Kansas City Explorers. Mens Singles: Mark lost to Alex Kuznetsov 2-5; Mens Doubles: Philippoussis/Jean-Julien Rojer lost to Alex Kuznetsov/Ricardo Mello 3-5

In early June Mark apparently played at something called the Classique tournament in England but other than one vague promo article I found no other information on that. Back in May, Mark won another ATP Champions Series event, the Seguros Bolivar Tennis Champions in Bogota, Colombia. He defeated Carlos Moya 7-5, 6-7 (3-7), [10-4] in the tie-break on the 23rd. The May 19th APT Uncovered video series profiled Mark’s career.

The Archives on Hiatus

The Mark Philippoussis Archives is officially on permanent hiatus. It’s been ages since Mark has seemed to set foot on the tennis court and the goal of this site was to follow his tennis life, not his tabloid life which is all there seems to be these days. While it seems that other Mark sites have disappeared entirely, this site will stay up as a historical archive of his career. And should he someday come back to tennis (player, coach, commentator, whatever) we’ll be back with the news. Thanks to all the visitors to the site and for everyone who’s ever sent in a news item – THANK YOU!

The Mark Philippoussis Archives