Mark returns to tennis

Mark’s return to tennis on Thursday was a positive one with a 6-4, 4-6, 10-2 win over Peter Korda. The tournament uses an unique super-tiebreaker format if it’s tied after two sets. While news sources are reporting the win, no one’s really said much about the quality of Mark’s play. Next Mark will face South African Wayne Ferreira for a place in the finals.

Age of Love – Follow on your own

Mark is not currently defending his title in Newport. Even his new agent, Rob Aivatoglou, said he hasn’t been informed by Mark as to why he’s not playing. Currently there is no word as to when Mark might return to the courts – it’s now been six months since his surgery. (Thanks to Ruth for the tip)

Age of Love: Mark’s reality show is still ongoing in the US and is about to start running in Australia. As for the lack of updates on this site, I admit it, I am a tv snob – these dating reality shows are just unbearable to me and even Mark couldn’t get me to watch them. So instead, to keep up on all the Age of Love news, recaps and reviews Search for all Age of Love Articles with Google – there’s tons.

Mark scheduled for Outback Champions Series

Good News – Mark will finally return to the court in October! He will be playing on the Outback Champions Series, a series of seven tournaments for players over 30. Mark takes the court at the sixth event in Dallas on October 17th-21st. Fellow players will include John McEnroe, Jim Courier and Mats Wilander among others. No word as to whether Mark will compete in the seventh event in Dubai starting November 20th.

Where’s Mark?

Playing where’s Mark is no-where near as fun as finding Waldo. It’s as if since the end of Age of Love Mark has dropped off the planet. He didn’t try to qualify Cincinnati or New Haven, nor did he play in any of this week’s challengers. There’s been no word from Mark of his agent as to when or where he might next appear on the court. Not a very hopeful sign for Mark’s future tennis career.

When will Mark return?

Just when will Mark be back on the court? At this point it’s anybody’s guess. Even Mark isn’t being specific. In a recent Australian radio interview Mark said “I haven’t set a time but I’m very confident by US Open time I would definitely be on the court before then.” While Montreal has been bandied about, he is not listed as entered in the qualifing round yet and the deadline is around the corner. Possibly he may compete instead at the Binghamton Challenger starting the same week – he did play there last year and it would give him an easier field.

The numbers drop

For those still following what’s left of the tennis portion of Mark’s career, the numbers this week were disturbing at the least. Mark dropped 205 places to a professional career low of 370th in the World (his lowest ever is 410 from 1994 when he was first starting out on the pro circuit). The one ray of light is that Mark’s got a injury protected ranking of 112 (good for 8 tournaments over 6 months from his first tournament back). While Mark hasn’t made any official statements, rumors indicate he might attempt to qualify for the Montreal Masters and that it was back inflamation that kept him from Newport. As you can imagine, Mark is being savaged in the Aussie press for Age of Love and writers and fans wonder if they’ll truly ever see Mark on the courts again.