Mark retreats to California

February 9, 2004: Mark is back in California, having left Australia before the last Davis Cup match was even over in an attempt to escape the unwanted press. And the press still goes on – most of today’s articles are from what seems like every psychologist in Australia weighing in on Mark. (‘it’s his mind’ ‘it’s his body’ ‘it was Cash’ ‘he never plays Davis Cup well’ – you name it there’s a theory from someone). His agent announced that Mark will be taking some time off but that he was still expected to play Rotterdam next week.

February 8, 2004: Post-match Mark said that he felt that he spent much of the past three days in the twilight-zone with nothing he tried going well. He said he’s feeling very worn out and plans to take a one or two week break surfing back home in California. However, he’s still scheduled for the Rotterdam event starting on the 16th so hopefully for fans there it will only be a one week break.

Mark hits the waves

Mark returned to California yesterday and within hours was hitting the waves. Of course the Aussie press was there to write about and there’s two fun pictures of Mark riding some waves. Also it seems that Indianapolis is tentative right now and it is more likely that mark will not return to play til Los Angeles the week after.

Mark does Davis Cup media

February 5, 2003: Seven new articles on Davis Cup added. I recommend The Age’s “Harmony marks Scud’s cup return” as it gives a different perspective than the current ‘rah-rah Mark’ theme. It seems that Mark recently had a private photo shoot in Narrabeen with a surf magazine. No word on what magazine that might be, but I’d ask my Australian readers to keep their eyes open for something and contact me if you see anything! Also there’s now a new page open above for this season’s tournament schedule.

February 4, 2003: The Aussie team held a press conference yesterday and the big story for the press it seems was how great it was to have Mark back playing for Australia. Nice to know they haven’t forgotten him 😉 Great quote from Mark: “If you’re not having fun on the court, there’s no point being out there.” Fitzegerald hasn’t named his doubles team yet but in practice has played just about everyone in some combination to test out possible match-ups. Ten articles and two photos added.